Healing vs. “Fighting”

Schisandra – Schisandra chinensis

When faced with a major health challenge our choices are basically to fight it or to heal it. The number one purpose of this website is to help educate the reader so he or she is in a better position to make an informed choice if a program of healing through natural medicines is what they would choose for themselves or their families and loved ones.

When faced with the need to find a way to recover from serious illnesses such as cancer, Lyme disease or some other chronic disease you may be one of those who feels obligated to enter into some kind of a “fight” against the disease. You resign yourself to making your body a battleground for an expensive, prolonged and perhaps ugly “fight”. This fight often includes some extremely harsh, powerful and highly toxic synthetic chemicals, radiation or surgical procedures.

On the other hand you might be the type of person who would prefer to find a way to restore balance and health to your mind and body using the Gentle Healing Power of Nature. If so, then this information is for you!

This website introduces an integrated program of using medicinal herbs and natural therapies for helping people heal from many forms of illness. It is about healing the mind and body; it is not just another way of “fighting” disease. Healing is always a gentle process – there is no “fight” about healing, and healing does not come from fighting.

We have developed a very comprehensive program of healing that uses 100% natural medicines to support the cleaning-up of unhealthy cells and rebalancing our mind/body energies. It is designed to make use of the most advanced, sophisticated and complete healing system available – the human mind/body complex.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this information! If you think this is all a bunch of hogwash and you want no part of it, there are lots of doctors and clinics to help you in your “fight” against disease.

For those who see some light in what we have to say and would like more information including a program outline, costs and how to begin – please continue to the Natural Medicine Outline!