Dandelion – Taraxacum officionale

Collecting a Cheek Swab Specimen is the beginning point of all our evaluations.  It’s fast, easy and FREE!


Cheek Swab Specimens are shipped and received by US Priority Mail service (postage paid).  When we receive your Cheek Swab Specimen Dr. Charlie will perform a computerized BioScan™ Profile test and send back to you a BioScan™ Profile Report & Recommendations.

The report contains a summary of the basic findings along with a recommended Phytoceutical Medicine Prescription to start you on your healing journey.  Of course the costs of the program are included in the Report.

There is absolutely NO CHARGE for this service.  You will have an opportunity to review your BioScan™ Profile Report & Recommendations and have a telephone consultation with Dr. Charlie before you decide if you wish to pursue our program.

Order your cheek Swab Collection Kit here (please allow 3-5 business days for processing).

PLEASE NOTE: For your protection you will be asked to “Confirm” your request by an email that will be sent to you.

Thank You!

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