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St. John’s Wort – Hypericum perforatum

“Nature provides all that we need to maintain vibrant health and well-being.  All we really have to do is to pay attention and wisely use the resources Nature has provided for us.”

Our website is packed full of useful and important information for those who wish to turn to Nature in their healing journeys from such conditions as most forms of cancer, Lyme Disease, cardiovascular health challenges and many other chronic conditions.  All of our treatment protocols are 100% natural and have no inherent side effects.  We use no prescription medicines, chemicals or other forms of synthetic drugs.

Because of the nature of the natural medical license Dr.Charlie practices under this information cannot be made openly available to the general public.  You will need to obtain a password which is FREE.  It only requires a one-time registration to obtain the password.  By registering you will automatically become a member in the Pastoral Medical Association, or PMA.  This website information is freely available to all registered members of the PMA.

Once you have obtained the password enter it one time on just one page to gain immediate access to all the information and resources available in this website.

All our nutritional medicine protocols are based on using raw, natural herbs, whole food concentrates and homeopathic medicines.  These are collectively called Phytoceutical Medicine Prescription (phyto- means coming from plants, -ceutical means having medicinal health value).  This is often abbreviated as PhytoMed Rx.

A great benefit is that all of this can be done right from home – patients do not need to travel to a clinic or find a place to stay for several weeks of care.  We use the Postal Service to deliver the PhytoMed Rx’s and you use the mail to send in your Cheek Swab Specimens regularly.  Telephone consultations help keep us on track during your healing journey.

To actually begin your free BioScan™ Profile analysis of what your PhytoMed Rx would be and the costs associated with it you will need to order and submit a Cheek Swab Specimen.  There is no charge for this until and unless you choose to go ahead with our protocols of healing through Nature.

Questions?  Call toll-free: 1.877.668.1448 or email: Members@SimpleHealth.Life

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