There is good news in that there is no indication of an active Biologic Conflict in the Cheek Swab Specimens we received from you! Also, the energy readings in the BioScan™ Profile are balanced to begin with. This is quite unusual as most people show elevated readings to start with. When readings are elevated it is quite simple to search for and find products that help bring their energies to balance, which is what we want. When the energy reading is balanced to begin with we cannot find products to bring the energy any “more” into balance.

Another way to say this is that as it is Biologic Conflict that drives the transformation of natural, healthy tissues to become cancerous tissues, and we don’t find any active Biologic Conflict, then the process has every appearance of having already gone through the healing phases – to their completion.

Some form of conflict may have been present long enough for your body to develop tumors or cancer, and it may have already moved through the healing phases. Often our bodies are able to put a “shell” around a tumor in such as way that it remains but does not become a problem. If this is so, a lump can be found on medical testing but does not necessarily mean it needs to be medically treated. I also feel that for you, doing “nothing” about the alleged breast cancer is a safe and viable option.

On the other hand the testing does show some nutritional imbalances that would be fairly easy to resolve. These include a strong call for nutritional forms of iodine, and support and strengthening of your digestive system.

Very often a condition of low iodine is a big contributor of what is called fibrocystic disease of the breast in women. While the BioScan™ Profile is not diagnostic in any way, I wonder if this may be closer to the truth for you than some form of cancer. Remember, your test does not show an active Biologic Conflict that we would always expect to be associated with active cancers.

At this point I believe you do not need our main form of therapy that we call NeoPax™. There are a few natural food and herbal supplements that you could benefit from, and you would be better served to establish an account and order these yourself with my guidance. Then you can refill these as needed on your own. We can repeat the BioScan™ Profile every so often to see how you are doing and if there are any other products you could benefit from over time. Costs would be in the range of $250 month on the average, and when we repeat the BioScan™ Profile it would be $150 each time.

If you would like to proceed there is a little more information I would need to gather and some paperwork for you to complete as we begin this program. Please call or e-mail to set up a convenient time for us to talk, and to get more answers to your questions. As always there is no charge for this initial BioScan™ Profile Report and Recommendations unless and until you choose that you would like to proceed with this program.

SH, not cancer! – July 2016

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