This first BioScan™ Profile has some very interesting properties. For a little background: whenever we think of a diagnosis of “cancer” we think about why it is there. The ultimate cause is almost always rooted deep in the mind, well below the level of our conscious awareness. This becomes a form of “stress” that our minds invariably respond to. That response includes sending messages to the brain telling it to send messages to the tissues that are most likely to be involved with the stress – telling them to alter their function from normal to an increased activity. There is a natural purpose in this which is to help find a way to resolve the stress and heal the conflict. When these natural changes in the tissues are discovered they are usually called “cancer”.

The term we use for the stress is “Biologic Conflict”, meaning that the effect of the conflict has been to alter the biology of the mind and body. Each body “part” has its own characteristic type of conflict associated with it. This is true for all people all around the world, as it is law of Nature. In the breast we think of a “type” of Biologic Conflict that has to do with nurturing of the children/offspring. That is the primary, biologic function of breast. So the question becomes “is there a Biologic Conflict associated with your being able to nurture (protect, provide for, safeguard the welfare of) one or more of your children?”.

That answer is positively “Yes”, and the child appears to be Travis. Similar conflicts about nurturing can also develop with family members who are not your children, but such is not the case for you. The interesting part is that you are already partly resolved about that Biologic Conflict, yet not completely. On the surface, meaning your conscious, day-to-day life you seem to be OK with it. However the Biologic Conflict is still alive, deep-down in the subconscious. The mind continues to respond to this and it will not be over until you are able to release and heal from the conflict completely.

There are also a number of other areas about your nutritional status that could use strengthening and balancing, but first let’s focus on the obvious and most important. The first few Phytoceutical Medicine Prescriptions will have two major purposes: first, to help protect you from development and/or spread of tumor cells. Secondly it will promote the bringing up the conflict to your conscious awareness so that you can heal it. Healing at this level can often be supported by people who have training in energy medicine or Reiki or other similar techniques. After that we can begin to think more about maintenance and rebalancing your nutritional status.

Also, I agree with you that chemotherapy would do far more harm than good.

LA, breast cancer (DCIS) – October 2016

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