Your inquiry at first was about chelation therapy, with some concern about possible accumulation of plaque in the arteries. I told you we no longer offer the intravenous form of chelation therapy. In its place we are now using an oral form of taking packages of pills & tablets called ChelationPax™.  The intravenous form of chelation therapy has a very good track record and a reputation for being safe.  I have used it for many years for thousands of patients.  However in today’s world the results of using the oral form of ChelationPax™ appear to be considerably superior, and it costs less as well.

As you are aware the intravenous Chelation Therapy is popularly known for helping to improve one’s heart and circulation; even to the point of not needing medications any longer and/or avoiding surgeries that may have been recommended. This works because any form of chelation removes toxic heavy metals (mercury, lead, aluminum, etc.) from the body. Heavy metals are toxic because they promote the formation of excess free radicals which leads to symptoms of degenerative diseases, most notably in the heart and blood vessels. When the toxic metal burden is reduced by chelation the formation of free radicals goes down. It becomes easier for the body to control fewer free radicals which results in improved health. Unfortunately intravenous chelation also removes some of the important minerals necessary for good health such as iron, selenium and zinc. Many chelating doctors don’t use the proper natural products to replace these efficiently.

Your test results indicate a large body-burden with mercury and a moderate burden with lead. Not so much for aluminum, cadmium, and nickel. This will improve very quickly using the ChelationPax™. The testing also indicates other areas of imbalance that seem to be consistent with what you told me about your digestion system during our interview. There are also indications of a sub-clinical deficiencies of the vitamin B family which affect the smoothness and efficiency of the heart beat along with its strength and rhythm.

Chelation by itself does not remove plaque from arteries. The reduction in free radicals allows the body to this for itself very gradually. However, we routinely include products in the ChelationPax™ that strongly help stimulate and promote this process.

Other findings from the testing indicate that your heart function might improve considerably with the proper forms of the natural complexes of the vitamin B group. Also there is evidence of liver stress and a few infectious agents. These are from bacterial groups called chlamydia and mycoplasma, and one from the bacteria that causes Valley Fever which is common in the southwest. Please understand that these findings are not diagnostic of any medical condition! They do represent areas where the body’s energies are being used.

These conditions are fairly easy to resolve using natural medicines and I feel it would be remiss of me to not offer to include therapy for that as well using our PhytoMed Prescriptions. These are called OrthoPax™.

So your recommendation is split into two schedules – ChelationPax™ to help reduce the heavy metal burden and plaque accumulation, and OrthoPax™ for the additional findings of vitamin B for the heart, liver health as well as the apparent effects of various lingering infections.

You are certainly free to choose to use one or both. It was important that the report shows all my findings rather than limiting it to using only the ChelationPax™. You may also choose just the ChelationPax™ for now and for a while, then when we are happy with the results shift to using OrthoPax™ for liver and digestion.

GK, chelation therapy – December 2016

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