Learn about a simple, all-natural, low-cost way of healing from serious illnesses such as:

~ Cancer ~

~ Lyme Disease ~

~ Heart & Circulatory Problems ~

and many other chronic and serious health issues that is:

~ 100% Natural ~

~ Based on Solid Science ~

~ Completely Safe with No Side Effects ~

Healing through Nature is very affordable  and can be done completely from the comfort of your own home!

Healing is Not About “the Fight”

Milk Thistle – Silybum marianum

Natural healing is always a safe and gentle process.  There is no “fight” in healing and healing does not follow from fighting.

Cancer, Lyme Disease and a wide variety of common cardiovascular conditions are examples of very different “diseases” that have very different causes:

  • Cancer is a transformation of natural tissues from normal to abnormal.  Nature has reason and purpose for causing this transformation; it is not “random” in any way.
  • Lyme Disease is the result of an infection from an exposure to the bite of a special kind of tick.
  • Cardiovascular conditions are largely symptoms of degeneration resulting from a lifetime of starvation of incorrect and insufficient whole-food nutrition.

Natural treatments for people striving to recover from each of these are quite similar. This is because our bodies are made by Nature. It is easy to understand that Nature also provides everything we need to maintain good health and vibrant energy. All we have to do is to pay attention and use Nature’s resources wisely

Healing through Nature is always simple and always gentle.

Bupleurum – Bupleurum falcatum

There is much information on this website that openly talks about these “diseases”, why they are the problem they are and how they can be healed – naturally.  A password is necessary to access this important information.  Also, for interested readers there is much discussion  in a downloadable booklet of recent research findings that represent the scientific basis about how natural healing works.

Is Natural Healing for Me?


Lyme Disease

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